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Rhonda & Mark | Hidden Hallow

Rhonda & Mark’s love story all started at another wedding. Down the road, that love story continued as they made their own vow of commitment. Their beautiful, romantic blush wedding took place at Hidden Hallow in Reedley CA.

Our “Cassie” welcomed guests to the elegant ceremony, full of soft colors and delicate touches. Rhonda and Mark united their love by incorporating a unity candle lighting in the ceremony.

The guests enjoyed an abundance of sweets at the beautifully executed dessert station. The details were absolutely stunning. To complete the day, some fun glow sticks lit up the night!

So many sweet details captured perfectly by Simply Smith Photography at this gorgeous blush wedding. From the romantic notes to gold toned accents every aspect was every bit a beautiful love story.

Venue: Hidden Hallow

Photographer: Simply Smith Photography

Baker: Mainstreet Cafe

Florist: Hidden Hallow

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