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9 Top Wedding Trends in 2023...


Soon to be married couples are being intentional this year. With the Wedding Boom of 2022 in the rearview mirror, couples are looking to be more thoughtful, and personal with their wedding celebrations. Here are the top wedding trends in 2023 to be on the lookout for. 


Top Wedding Trends In 2023 You’ll Want to Embrace Too

  1. Getting Married In Natural Settings with Big Vistas

With social media influencers taking us all over the world, attraction for the outdoors is inspiring couples to go on an adventure. Breathtaking backdrops, brilliant sunsets, and heart-lifting panoramas contrasted with opulent wedding attire make unforgettable memories and photos. 

When you have a natural venue like the outdoors it’s easy to accent it with organic decorations, like rustic wood pieces, boho style centerpieces, and champagne floral displays to name a few. 

With the allure of fresh air and connecting with nature, getting married in natural settings is a trend that’s not going away any time soon. 

  2. Creativity and Flexibility With Bridesmaids Gowns

Gone are the days of having a bridal entourage look-alike contest. Where every bridesmaid wore the same gown, hairstyle, and jewelry. Top wedding trends in 2023 are phasing this out quickly. 

Instead, the bridal party is embracing shades of color or a color palette. They’re also mixing and matching fabrics including satins, silk, chiffon, tulle, and velvet. Soon-to-be married couples are letting bridesmaids choose a silhouette that’s practical. 

The end result is the bridesmaid’s ability to let their personalities shine through so they actually like wearing their gowns. They’ll be able to wear it to other weddings or celebrations and reduce waste. This is a huge win for sustainable weddings.  

  3. Bolder and Colorful Wedding Gowns

A wedding gown is a statement all by itself. It’s the bride’s time to express her personality, and live her bridal vision. Two trends in wedding gowns are making their way to 2023. 

Brides are looking to take things in a different direction this year. More brides are requesting gowns that have textures like feathers, 3D appliques, sequins, and dramatic patterns. Brides are also opting for bright daring colors and black gowns, too. 

In contest with these unique bridal styles are the traditional white wedding gowns. They are making a comeback along with dazzling ball gowns and ethereal cathedral length veils. 

  4. Wedding Cakes That Reflect The Married Couple 

A flavorful cake is one of the pillars of an enchanting wedding. It’s a surefire way to impress guests, and the cutting of the cake is a must at the reception. Hours of research and dozens of cake tastings later with your partner, couples are realizing the wedding cake symbolizes more than a decadent dessert. 

Wedding cakes are a reflection of the couple’s journey together. It’s a perfect way to express their unique partnership. That said, wedding cakes are making a grander more evocative entrance this year. Not so much to appeal to eager wedding guests, but much more for the couple to cherish and symbolize this new chapter of their lives. 

Stencils, highly stylized designs, and multi-tier masterpieces take center stage, while flavor follows in the top wedding trends in 2023. 

  5. More Private and Intimate Moments

Soon-to-be married couples know one thing is for sure: The wedding rush starts long before the actual wedding day. Sometimes six months or even a year in advance. A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into researching and planning a wedding. When it all comes together in a triumphant conclusion on wedding day, partners want to take in all the excitement and festivity. 

Some couples are opting to re-write the script and get ready together, take private vows before the ceremony, and take a final moment to rehearse the first dance. 

Couples are embracing a more intimate approach to the reception by withdrawing from the wedding guests and taking a private last dance. With a photographer in tow, the married couple has a chance to talk to each other about the day’s events and truly experience the magic of the moment. 

 6.  No Fuss Low Maintenance Hairstyles

It’s not hard to find a bride who talks about the bobby pin dilemma at 1 AM in the morning after the wedding celebration has concluded. Hairstyles can run the gamut of elaborate updos with hundreds of bobby pins, intricate braids, curls, and hair extensions. 

In an effort to be more aligned with themselves and to be more comfortable during and after the wedding, brides are opting to go with everyday type hairstyles — simply boujee-d up for the big day. This includes ponytails, buns, and soft waves. 

 8. Floral Arrangements and Petite Bouquets

With budgets in mind, flowers are being considered carefully. Instead of handmade edible flowers for cakes, soon-to-be married couples are choosing to decorate their cakes with fresh flowers which are more affordable. 

Another area couples are looking to correct is view obstruction of bridesmaids and wedding gowns with bulky bouquets. This year brides are helping wedding guests focus more on the bridal entourage’s wedding attire and opting for minimalist petite bouquets. These include lavender, lilies and lilacs. Petite bouquets also stay true to keeping things intentional and inexpensive. 

 7.  Blurry Photos

It wouldn’t be long before the photographer would play a new role on your special day. Stiff photos have long since been a thing of the past, and lifestyle type photos, well, they’re getting a complimentary new twist. 

Blurry wedding photos are making a splash as one of the top wedding trends in 2023. They are epitomizing the whirlwind romantic buzz surrounding weddings. More artistic and thought provoking than anything else, no one can deny that blurry photos faithfully capture the fast paced and whirlwind romance of wedding day. 

 8.  Night Luxe Vibes

Embracing the perfect synergy of glamor and starry skies, night luxe vibes are all the rage. In the moody ambience, everything glittery and flashy makes for flawless social media photos.

Not only that, with all the sophisticated fun and entertainment, the newlyweds have a chance to be authentic rather than stick with the traditional wedding mold of reception rituals. 

To get a dazzling night luxe vibe, design elements are critical. If you’re feeling the magnetic pull of this cosmopolitan after party check out our decor. We have the luxe furnishing to make your wedding vision come true. See them here. 

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